This website was first created in 2004 but was taken offline a few years ago because it was outdated.

Now it is being revived because there is content here, particularly on the history of the Creeper, that may be of interest to people who want a more in-depth understanding of how this remarkable rail trail, one of the best in the country, came to be.

This website will not cover all of the lodgings, bike shops, restaurants and things to do in the area. Many other sites do that. But if you enjoy the history of our area and of the Creeper Trail, welcome aboard.

The Creeper passing Green Cove - Mike Smith photo.


2009 Interview with Dr. French Moore

Al Bradley's article on the founders of the Virginia Creeper Trail

Article from the 1965 Washington County News

Opposition to the Virginia Creeper Trail

Building the Virginia Creeper Trail

Mike Smith's 1977 Ride on the Creeper

Trail Information

Photos of all the Trestles and Bridges

Informational Signs on the Creeper Trail

Trestle and Bridge Specifications

Some Facts About the Creeper Trail

What's Up With Two Mile Markers with the Same Number?

Kayaking Along the Creeper Trail

Coming Soon - Photos by Trail Riders


Photos by Trail Riders

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