Other Activities

If you are visiting the Creeper Trail area and do not wish to participate in activities such as biking, hiking, eating out, kayaking, horse-riding, sitting by the creek, sitting on the porch of a bed and breakfast, hanging out in downtown Abingdon or Damascus, fishing, or exploring the National Forest, you or members of your party might consider some of the following suggested activities.

Hunting for antiques. Abingdon and Damascus both have interesting antique shops where sometimes unique items can be found.

Going to the movies. There are excellent multi-screen theaters in both Abingdon and Bristol.

Renting a pontoon boat on South Holston Lake. This is a highly-recommended family outing for persons not familiar with the amazing beauty of the TVA lake system. (We suggest a weekday trip to avoid the weekend on-the-water traffic.)

Going to Backbone Rock. Three and one-half miles from Damascus, this unique geological feature provides several hours of family fun.

Exploring the NASCAR track in Bristol. This world-famous quarter-mile oval draws massive crowds to its races.

Spending some time in the area libraries. Washington County libraries provide both high-speed internet access and a wealth of information through books and journals, and have comfortable chairs for those who wish to stay a few hours.

Taking back roads to out-of-the-way places. The area is loaded with scenic roads, both paved and unpaved, which are free of traffic.

Nearby Attractions

These are links to nearby attractions in the Creeper Trail area.
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Town of Damascus
Appalachian Trail
Abingdon Convention & Visitors Bureau
Mount Rogers National Recreation Area
The Crooked Road
Grayson Highlands State Park
Barter Theatre
Virginia Highlands Festival


Other suggestions are welcome. Please contact us if you have other activities you would like to see listed here.